Christmas: Time to Proclaim the Good News!
“I came to church for the Christmas concert that you talked about in your programs,” said Veronica from St. Petersburg. “I was amazed at the sincerity of the people who were singing. They obviously believed that Jesus was really the son of God, that He was their Savior.” 
Listener Responses
I listened to your program about raising children with special needs, and I was so inspired! It feels like no one understands those of us who are struggling every day with our little ones who have challenges...
Moldova:  FEBC Now Impacting Lives in 7 Cities
For several years now, our leadership team has been praying about Moldova, a small struggling country located between Ukraine and Romania.
Our listeners respond
I am listening to your programs about relationships and family issues. Very few people are talking about these issues, and that’s why your programs are so valuable to me.
FEBC-Ukraine: reaching the most vulnerable
“As the children were playing outside, we were hearing the artillery fire from both sides of the conflict. Those deadly sounds did not bother them at all,” says Vladimir, FEBC missionary in Eastern Ukraine. Vladimir’s ministry is two-fold: bringing help to the most disadvantages children in the war zone, and promoting adoption, foster care, and other kinds of care for Ukrainian orphans.

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