Moldova:  FEBC Now Impacting Lives in 7 Cities

by Victor P. Akhterov

God is opening new doors in Moldova,
including broadcast opportunities in Chișinău, the capital.

“I was kidnapped when I was 14 years old, and was a slave for the next six years,” said Rita (name changed). “I know dozens of Moldovan girls who went through hell, just like I did.” 

For several years now, our leadership team has been praying about Moldova, a small struggling country located between Ukraine and Romania.

Moldova, a former Soviet republic, is in need of help.

- Hundreds of young girls are tricked into labor or sexual slavery.

- Thousands of families are broken because of people moving to other countries for work.

- Ongoing militarized dispute with Russia is destabilizing Moldova’s political system.

- Less than 2% of Moldovans are evangelical Christians.

When I visited Moldova for the first time, I was impressed by the zeal of local believers to bring God’s Word to their people through media, yet lack the resources to do so.

Today, we have a unique opportunity to partner with Moldovan Christians to start broadcasting in seven cities here.

Most people in Moldova speak Russian, so Russian TV and radio channels are very popular there. That’s why we were excited to share our Russian-language broadcasts with these stations, reaching a potential listening audience of 2 million.

Listener responses are pouring in. People are grateful for family-oriented programs, for programs that help them understand who they are, how to deal with difficulties, and how to receive hope and salvation in Christ.

Vlad from Tiraspol wrote: “It is amazing to hear that Christians can be fun to listen to, as well as practical. I’ve been struggling in my marriage; I have quarrels with my wife every day, and no one… no one… could help me. In the three weeks that I have listened to you I learned more about family life and myself than in all of my 35 years. I am now thinking about myself and my wife as partners, as fellow travelers… I don’t know how to express it, but I also feel that God is real; it’s not just a religion, and I am not here by chance… I am so glad that you began broadcasting here!”

Friends, we are grateful to God for opening this door. Please pray that many Moldovans will give their lives to Christ.

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