About FEBC Eurasia

FEBC Eurasia broadcasts the Good News in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia.

We have more than 10 stations throughout the region.

We widely use new media tools to reach our listeners: social networks, smart phone apps, web broadcasting, and many others. Each month, we reach millions of actual listeners and receive more than 25,000 listener responses.

A capable team of more than 30 broadcasters and leaders in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asia are working hard to bring the Good News to their countrymen with great results.

FEBC Eurasia is maintained by the gifts of individuals, churches, and organizations who believe that radio in all its forms is a powerful tool to reach many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Russia and other areas in the world. You can become a “radio missionary” and have a part in introducing the Lord to people who may never have another way of meeting Him, and you won’t have to leave home to do it!

Help us change these precious lives by supporting the work of FEBC Eurasia. Your prayers — and your gifts — will put you on the front lines of evangelism.

Inspiring people to follow Jesus Christ,

Victor P. Akhterov
FEBC Eurasia

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