Prayer Focus

Today’s Prayer Focus

May 28, 2023

One listener called FEBC’s prayer line because she was struggling with living in the house of her deceased father. “I loved him, but he was cruel to us,” she said. FEBC’s counselor’s shared the Gospel with her, and offered to pray with her. “Oh yes, please!” she said. “My grandmother was a believer and used to pray all the time, but my dad would mock her for it.” Please pray for more listeners like this to turn to the Lord in these difficult times.

Please pray for video testimonies being recorded in Kazakhstan. These types of videos regularly receive many views and create a lot of discussion in the comments, where further evangelistic conversations can happen.
Please pray for listeners like Myroslav, who experienced God while talking with FEBC’s Christian counselors. He was very depressed after an accident, even feeling suicidal. After counselors prayed with him, Myroslav said, “I can see now that I’ve been holding on to bitterness toward someone who hurt me a long time ago. Please, can we pray again?” This time, Myroslav prayed more passionately, for a long time, and with tears. He accepted Jesus and asked for His forgiveness. “I can see that I have new life now,” he said, “now that I’ve turned to God. Thank you so much!”
Please pray for FEBC-Russia’s network of church partnerships to grow, helping more listeners to be connected with churches and ministers in their local communities.

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