Prayer Focus

Today’s Prayer Focus

November 30, 2020

Please pray for Nadezhda and other listeners who feel helpless and are finding new life in Christ. “My brain was exhausted, and there was no one who would help me. But you did. I want you to know that you saved at least one soul in this world! Many thanks to you!”

Please pray for FEBC counselors who work with listeners going through crises, sometimes for extended periods. Valeria writes: “I want to thank your community and especially Tatiana. I asked for help 5 months ago when I was going through a difficult time, and Tatiana helped me resolve most of my issues in just two consultations. I talk with her periodically to this day, and since then, I have completely changed my life and my attitudes.”
“I heard all kinds of stories about evangelicals as I was growing up, and though I did not believe most of them, I thought only old women went to evangelical churches. Then I caught one of your programs. I thought I would just listen for a few minutes, but I ended up listening for an hour with my mouth hanging open. In one broadcast, you managed to dispel all the myths I had about evangelicals. It even became funny to me that I could have believed them. I really want to visit an evangelical church now and meet some real-life believers.” Please pray for Victor and other listeners who are on the path towards God.
“I didn’t know that God cared about ALL of my needs. You prayed with me to accept Jesus, and that was incredible, so I thought I would ask you to pray for my eyes, too. But when you explained that God cares about every part of my life, I couldn’t stop crying.” Please pray for Valentine. She is a new believer and is asking for God to repair her relationship with her family.
Please pray for all the Christmas projects being prepared right now in Russia and Ukraine. May God be glorified and may as many people as possible hear about the true meaning of Christmas. Many people are living as practical atheists and need to know the reality of God’s love.
After a program about parenting, we received this response: “Thanks to your broadcast, I caught myself shouting at my child and realized I was now being ‘that person.’ Then I stopped venting my anger and spoke in a way that they could understand. I took your advice and asked myself whether this would help my child.” Please pray for Oksana and the families of other listeners that are being restored and healed.
Please pray for listeners who are struggling with belief. Alexandra was one such listener. She contacted an FEBC evangelist to talk about God, but eventually she disappeared and stopped responding. But a church continued to pray for her. One day, Alexandra contacted the evangelist again, and explained that she had had a worldview crisis. Today she is preparing to be baptized!
Please pray for FEBC’s continued cooperation with churches. We are currently working on a project to encourage listeners to find local churches by partnering with the local churches directly and helping them with outreach.
“My husband has started drinking heavily and I can’t seem to get through to him. Can you please help me?” Lydia was connected with a local pastor who immediately began working with her and they have seen some good results. Please pray for listeners who are dealing with alcoholism themselves or in their families.
Please pray for Anna from Ukraine, who is facing a difficult financial situation. She is raising her eight-year-old child on her own and has recently had a possible diagnosis of cancer.
Ruslan was ready to commit suicide after losing his mother. “I realized how much I had hurt her with my actions, and there was nothing I could do about it anymore.” Ruslan called the FEBC prayer helpline after seeing the number on his mother’s calendar and gave his life to Jesus during the call. “My mother gave me one last gift, even though she was already gone.”
Lyudmila, a listener from Moscow, writes: “I have never really felt lonely since becoming a Christian in the 90s. God has always been with me. But these days, as I’ve gotten older and my health has begun to fail, I haven’t been able to attend church as often as before. I have truly appreciated your Bible programs and being able to read the Scriptures with you. I sometimes still feel lonely, but even amid these trials, thanks to God’s Word, I also experience the Creator’s love more often and in a deeper way than ever before.” Please pray for Lyudmila and other listeners who are isolated and feel alone. May God be their companion and bring other believers into their lives.
Karina writes: “I’ve learned so much through your teachings on the imperfect heroes of the Old Testament. I always had trouble getting answers to my questions when I would ask a church leader, but you answer my questions so simply and clearly. Your program always leaves me wanting to study the Bible and are a true spiritual support to me.” Please pray for hosts who are presenting Bible-based programs. We are seeing great responses to these programs and people are coming to know Christ.
During a broadcast for people who have lost children, Alexander wrote, “We are still going through the pain, and we will be for the rest of our lives.” Another listener, Tatiana, was crying as she described the pain she had been living in for years. Please pray for listeners like Alexander and Tatiana, who have lost children, whether to the ongoing military conflict, rising suicide rates due to hopelessness, or to illnesses, now including COVID. Pray for God’s comfort and healing for grieving parents.
Please pray for Anton, who has begun connecting with an FEBC evangelist several times a week to read the Bible and pray together. He was suffering from depression. Please pray that other listeners dealing with depression also reach out to get help from God.
Please pray for the many families in Russia and Ukraine that are under immense strain and are breaking up. Pray that God heals marriages and reunites broken relationships between parents and children.
Please pray for Maria and her daughter Masha from Ukraine. “Thank you for taking the time to talk to Masha every week. She prepares a question to ask you, and we call you together and discuss it. Masha has special needs, and this means the world to her—and I love getting to see her excited about the things of God!”
“I am Orthodox, but I really like how you talk about God on your programs.” Please pray listeners like Elena and for the unity of all Christian believers in Russia and Ukraine.
Please pray for listeners who need to take the step of believing in Jesus. Alexandra had been listening to FEBC for two years. She received prayer and spiritual support, but she still did not consider herself a believer in Christ. Alexandra was blind, and one day she decided to finally try reading the Bible for herself. She had a children’s Bible written in Braille, and after reading the first few chapters, Alexandra became a Christian!
Please pray for the health of all the FEBC team members and hosts in Russia and Ukraine. Please pray for protection and for God’s peace and comfort.
“I built a business with my parents so that it would support all of us as we grew older, but my husband stole everything and left me destitute. Your programs have been a great help to me to begin to recover from this betrayal.” Please pray for Elena and others who need hope as they deal with hurt and betrayal in this world.
Please pray for the ongoing renovation of the Kyiv Evangelism Center, currently expected to be ready for use in February 2021.
Please pray for listeners like Elena, who are facing health problems in Russia and Ukraine. Elena was dealing with a lot of shame surrounding her illness and was ministered to by a counselor, after which she prayed with the counselor. Please pray that God uses every situation to draw people to Himself.
“I am really grateful that God regularly answers my questions through your programs, but I was especially touched to hear your testimony. Thank you for strengthening my faith!” Please pray for FEBC hosts in Russia and Ukraine who invest a lot of themselves in their programs and in ministering to listeners. Pray for God’s help, His blessing, and His strength.
“Whatever you are discussing, you always talk about Christ and faith in God. This is so important to me! Your programs are a breath of fresh air for all of us who live far away from Moscow and St. Petersburg.” Please pray for listeners like Natalia from Russia, who have limited access to Christian resources and community, and are being built up in their faith through FEBC broadcasts.
“Thanks to your program, we are in the process of adopting a teenage girl. We never imagined we would adopt a teenager! We wanted a baby, the younger the better. But when we visited an orphanage, we were surprised to bond with a 15-year-old girl. Your programs and the specialists you connected us with really helped us prepare for this challenge. We are currently fostering her, but we are preparing the documents and hope that she will be part of our family by the new year!” Please pray for families who are blessing orphan children with homes and families.
Please pray that listeners get connected with local church families in Russia and Ukraine. Please pray that any barriers, fears, or prejudices are removed by God and that He draws people into His family, creating a unified body that supports each other in love.
“My son disappeared five years ago while fighting in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, and I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. I’m all alone now, I have no family left.” Please pray for Tatiana, who gave her life to Jesus while speaking with an FEBC counselor and is beginning her journey growing with Christ. “Thank you so much for the attention you paid me. My joy has returned, and my emotions feel stable, it’s like I’ve come to my senses!”
Sergey heard a story on FEBC about a couple that created a charity fund for orphans, and he called FEBC to discuss a disabled girl in his neighborhood he had tried to help. She was blind and was unable to walk. After the phone call, Sergey visited a local church, and enlisted the help of three other believers to visit the girl. Please pray for listeners who are inspired by stories shared on FEBC as they reach out to those in need around them.
“You can’t imagine how inspired I am by your shows. The best part of them is that you are talking about the Gospel. You inspire me to live and trust God every day!” Please pray for Ekaterina, who is in a wheelchair, and for other listeners who are being encouraged through the preaching of the Gospel.
Please pray for Vladimir, who contacted FEBC during a crisis of faith. “I have been learning some things about the Bible and church history, and they have undermined my trust in Scripture. What do I do?” After talking with the host, Vladimir wrote again: “Thank you for talking so patiently with me. People usually just dismiss my questions. Though I am having a difficult time trusting God right now, as I listened to your testimony and your responses, I realized that God was answering my questions through you.” Please pray for listeners who are struggling with doubts or confusion, may God lead them to His saving truth.
Please pray for listeners like Danial—a former special forces officer who is dealing with panic attacks—who have experienced trauma and are reaching out for help. May God heal them and restore their minds and their bodies.

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