Prayer Focus

Today’s Prayer Focus

May 13, 2021

Please pray for our younger broadcasters who are reaching the youth of Russia and Ukraine, especially through social media and short videos, such as on Tik Tok.

Please pray for FEBC's video maker Evgeny, and his wife Olga. Also pray for Olga's mother. All of them are recovering from a difficult case of COVID-19.
Please pray for listeners like Vadim, who have experienced tremendous loss. Vadim experienced 4 deaths over the last 4 years: his father, mother, grandfather, and brother. His grandmother is helping take care of him and is asking for prayer for his salvation and his emotional state.
A broadcaster in FEBC Ukraine invited listeners to come to the studio for her birthday to celebrate with her. Around 25 people showed up. Broadcasters were able to get to know the listeners and tell them about God.
Please pray for listeners like Elena who turn to the occult to solve their life problems. This is not uncommon in Ukraine. Elena phoned the helpline and turned to God. She was connected with local believers and is eager to meet them.
Pray for FEBC's ministry to the Buryat people; pray that many young Buryats will join evangelical churches.
Please pray for listeners like Svetlana who are finding peace in Jesus. Svetlana had experienced much trauma in her life and was crying as she shared her struggles, from abuse, to depression, to being out of work. But after the counselor prayed with her, she began to calm down and listen to what the counselor was saying. Svetlana began asking questions about Jesus and His sacrifice, and she prayed with the counselor to accept Jesus.
Please pray for FEBC listeners who lost their relatives to COVID-19. Russia's excess death rate is higher than it is in the US. Pray that people will open their hearts to Christ as they grieve and ask existential questions.
Please pray for listeners like Nikolai, who are dealing with trauma from the war. Nikolai lost both of his legs in the war and was struggling with thoughts of suicide. Through talking with FEBC counselors, Nikolai repented and was connected with a minister.
Please pray for Eduard Kurylenko, FEBC-Ukraine's director. Pray that he will continue to grow as a minister under the leadership of more experienced ministers.
Please pray for listeners like Natalia who have never been in church but are drawn to the person of Jesus. “His personality intrigues me, and I often ask myself what He would do in my place.” Natalia connected with an FEBC counselor, where she was encouraged in her faith and invited to church.
Please pray for listeners dealing with substance abuse issues. This problem is becoming increasingly serious because of the economic situation and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Mikhail is a young man who was in the military and is now a drug addict. His grandparents are praying for him day and night and are believing that they will see him free from this addiction.
Please pray for FEBC's ministry in Belarus, a country of 10 million people that is going through a difficult political and economic period.
“Hello! This is my first time listening to you and I love it! Thank God for you! In our village, no one other than me reads the Bible or wants to know Jesus.” Please pray for listeners like Tatiana, who are isolated Christians.
Please pray for listeners like Alexander, who are in difficult circumstances. Alexander is disabled, but he is independent and is looking for work. His mother recently died and now he is taking care of his mentally ill sister. During the call, Alexander gave his life to Jesus and was connected with a local church. Please pray for God’s provision and that he finds community and support in the church he was connected with.
Please pray for the project that we are planning and praying for, as we want to evangelize millions of Muslims in Eurasia. Pray for God's leading and guidance.
Praise God for FEBC's leadership training that our leaders went through. We learned to better use Biblical principles to be Christ-centered, more effective, and more caring, not only for our listeners, but for one another as we minister together.
“Your program gives practical advice on how to live and survive after prison, how to improve and radically change our lives with the help of spiritual principles and by trusting God. Thank you for supporting us and our loved ones in difficult times.” Please pray for listeners who are being helped by our program dedicated to prisoners and their families. Listeners like Alexander, who spent 18 years in prison.
Please pray for the Lord to send more people to help with the counseling center in Ukraine. The volume of calls has been overwhelming, and we have been seeking to add more counselors. We are currently in the process of training new volunteers.

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