Prayer Focus

Today’s Prayer Focus

March 28, 2023

One FEBC listener who had just lost her son wrote, “You revived my faith in God today. The songs you sang about God brought me to tears, and I repented before Him. I was so hopeless after the death of my son that I had stopped believing. Now, even though it still hurts, God gave me the strength I needed to go on living.” Please pray for listeners who are experiencing the love of God in the midst of tragedy.

Please pray for the FEBC-Russia broadcasts helping listeners consider adopting a child. Many listeners write in to say they never thought it was possible for them to adopt until they heard the program.
There are many listeners like Sergey, who believes that Jesus was just a spiritual leader. When an FEBC-Russia broadcaster shared the Gospel with Sergey, he responded, “That’s impossible. Christ could not have died for everyone.” At the end of the broadcast, Sergey said that he was now considering believing. Please pray for Sergey as he begins to understand who Jesus really is and for other listeners like him.
There are hundreds of thousands of refugees in Ukraine. People left their homes, everything the own, and fled the war. Please pray for FEBC-Ukraine’s programs made specifically to help refugees. Many are being helped, connected with local churches, and are hearing the Good News.

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