Prayer Focus

Today’s Prayer Focus

January 19, 2022

Please pray for listeners who are dealing with extreme poverty, like Natalia. When she called FEBC a year ago, Natalia’s pension had run out and she had been living off “pea water” for a week. She gave her life to the Lord during the call and was connected with a pastor who could help her. She called FEBC back recently to share how her life was going. “When I first called you, my life was completely different. The fact that I was listening to your program wasn’t just a coincidence, it was the Lord. I was in such a state, I was so confused…and literally an hour later, a pastor had arrived at my home, and everything had changed in an instant.” Now Natalia regularly attends church, she has a spiritual family that supports her both spiritually and financially when needed, and she also found a part-time job so that she has enough to live on.

Please pray for listeners like Sergiy, who are struggling with finding work and finances, especially in Ukraine. The economy is not very robust there and has taken an even bigger hit with Covid. Please pray for God’s provision, and pray for the churches in Ukraine that we partner with and help connect people to, that help the very poor with essentials like food and housing.
Please pray for listeners like Boguslava, who started watching FEBC’s programs and then met with one of the broadcasters. Later, she contacted the broadcaster again, saying, “Since we met, I’ve been actively thinking about God.” She asked the broadcaster about going to a church service and they went together.
Please pray for listeners in Russia and Ukraine who are dealing with domestic abuse. There is often little help offered to the sufferers by the police and government agencies, and FEBC is sometimes the only place they receive advice, support, and hope.
“My 3-year-old grandchild cries a lot at night, I think they have an evil spirit,” said one listener who called FEBC. Superstition is common in Ukraine, with many people believing that their neighbors and enemies are putting curses on them. Please pray that they find freedom from these fears and superstitions in the light of Christ.
“You talk so simply and easily about your faith that I wanted the same thing for myself. I’m beginning to believe that there is a God and that He helps us.” Please pray for listeners like Tatiana, who are turning to the Lord as they learn from FEBC’s programs.
One year ago, Nikolai started listening to FEBC Ukraine and was just beginning his walk with God. Today, Nikolai is attending church, is a volunteer with FEBC Ukraine, and was baptized this December. Please pray for listeners whose lives are being changed through FEBC’s programs and broadcasters.
Please pray for listeners like Yaroslava, who began her journey by watching a Bible teaching program on FEBC, started attending a Bible study, and is now in the process of becoming a member of the church. She brought two rose bushes to plant outside the church, grateful for the salvation she found in Jesus, saying, “I want to be a flower in the Lord’s garden.
Please pray for listeners like Sergei, whose friend was murdered. This made him consider his life and his struggles in a new light. As Sergei talked to FEBC’s prayer counselors, he was enamored by the love of God and said a prayer of repentance, confessing Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
Please pray for listeners like Alina, a girl who called FEBC to ask for prayer, because she had never heard one before. The counselor explained what prayer was and then they prayed for the girl’s grandmother, who had had a stroke. Then Alina became friends with Jesus and asked God to forgive her bad deeds. Please pray for children who are growing up without any knowledge of God to hear the Good News.
Please pray for listeners like Vadim, who left the Christianity his grandmother was raising him in when he was a boy, and, though he later wanted to visit a church from time to time, he never did. When he began to listen to FEBC, he wrote, “I was surprised at the simplicity with which you spoke about faith and God—it was as if my grandmother was talking to me again. I took your advice and started re-reading the New Testament, and I really want to finally visit a church.”
Please pray for kids like Ivanna, who are surrounded by occultism and bullying. Ivanna asked for prayer for her and her friend Milana, who had hurt herself because of oppressive thoughts. As Ivanna prayed with the counselor, she was strengthened in the Lord. Please pray for God’s protection and power in the lives of these girls to free them from oppression.
Please pray for listeners like Peter, who called FEBC from the hospital. Peter was later brought some New Testaments and called back to say, “The nurses and doctors all gathered around and took the New Testaments. Now everyone will read the Bible!” Please pray for listeners who want to evangelize those around them after finding Jesus.

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