Time to build: Kiev media evangelism center
Our ministry in Ukraine is growing. So far, we have launched five FEBC stations, as well as offering our programs through five independent stations. We are hoping to open at least two new stations in 2018. We are grateful to God – and to you – for empowering us to bring the Gospel to the people of Ukraine.
Talas: my hometown people
Talas is one of the spiritually darkest places in Kyrgyzstan. Historically, this is where the belief systems of Shamanism and Islam were interwoven. People here still worship the spirits of the deceased and sacrifice animals in so-called “holy” places. Officially, people accepted Islam some time ago as their religion, but their faith is more of a cultural recognition than a heart-felt spiritual commitment.
Our listeners respond
Most people in Russia see God as either an all-forgiving grandpa or a harsh judge. We help people see the biblical picture of God as a loving and Holy Father.
News and prayer needs
March 18, 2018, is the day of presidential elections in Russia. The current President, Vladimir Putin, is a likely winner. Please pray that the relative freedom to proclaim the Gospel in Russia will continue. Also please pray for Vladimir Putin and the Russian government to help establish peace between Russia and Ukraine.
Year-end results: more saved lives!
“We are still married because we began listening to FEBC programs,” wrote Anna, a 34-year old Siberian woman. “And Jesus is a part of our family now.” Stories of restored families, saved souls, transformed lives and averted suicides are pouring in.

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