Year-end results: more saved lives!

“We are still married because we began listening to FEBC programs,” wrote Anna, a 34-year old Siberian woman. “And Jesus is a part of our family now.”

Stories of restored families, saved souls, transformed lives and averted suicides are pouring in.

If you could help save a life of a lost teen in Siberia or Ukraine, would you do everything in your power to make sure you did that?

Well, this year, you did. You prayed and you gave. Thank you. And the Holy Spirit did His life-giving work.

As we celebrate Christmas, God’s practical, flesh-and-blood entrance into our world, I believe God is calling us to be even closer to our listeners and even more effective in sharing His love with them. Here are steps we are planning to take and praying about:

  1. The evangelism center in Kiev is something we need to be effective. Radio is cost-effective and online radio broadcasts are even less expensive, but this only works if we have a strong base. Friends, we desperately need your help in this.
  2. Russia is becoming more restrictive: hundreds of churches and mission organizations were raided by the government this year alone. We responded by spreading our message through multiple channels: various social networks, dozens of online groups, websites, radio stations and other ways, seeing tremendous results. In 2017, more than 12 million people were impacted by our programs — and these are conservative measurements. We are working on other ways of reaching our audience as we realize that the internet is becoming more controlled.
  3. In 2018, we are planning to introduce a similar online initiative, using our unique know-how in Ukraine. Ukrainian Internet is completely free from government control, but there are other issues that make our ministry challenging: political instability and war. However, these same factors, help people open their hearts to Jesus.

In December, our leadership team will be putting together new strategic plans for Russia and Ukraine. We will be praying and planning the steps to achieve our mission, which sounds as follows:

We communicate the Good News among the nations by media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

This is our goal and I believe that by the end of the next year, we will again be able to praise God for bringing more people into His family, despite all opposition.


In Christ,

Victor P. Akhterov
FEBC Russia & Ukraine

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