Our listeners respond


Most people in Russia see God as either an all-forgiving grandpa or a harsh judge. We help people see the biblical picture of God as a loving and Holy Father.

“As I was listening today, I was both perplexed and inspired. I know very little about Christian faith, basically whatever I learned from your program so far. I always understood God to be a God of justice – He’s the one who’ll punish those evil people.

“But today I saw God who, instead of punishing us, comes into our world, walks along with us, and takes our problems on His shoulders.

“It’s so much more than justice! It’s so incomprehensible, illogical, so loving! I cannot express what is going on in my heart. For years I felt unloved – yes, one has friends, but does anyone, anyone in this world love me? I couldn’t answer this, especially after a series of betrayals I’ve experienced. Today, I have a positive, powerful answer to this question. Forgive me my emotions, but I thought you’d understand, since you also experience this love of God.”

– Lubov from Moscow



As we broadcast in several cities that are on the border with rebel regions, we bring people hope, and help them see that real life begins with Jesus. Our broadcasters live in the same areas, and are experiencing the same difficulties. 

“Dozens of my friends and relatives left our town. Two were wounded. One neighbor was killed six months ago. It is a miracle for me that in our town, devastated by the war, we can hear these powerful lessons from the Bible.

“I tell my friends that we live not knowing if tomorrow will come, and for many it doesn’t. For me, it took this war to become interested in spiritual things. It was so great that we got this new station, and now can listen to Bible explanations.

“Sometimes it feels that the programs that are being aired were made for us, for our life. Thank you.”

– Andrey from Shastya, Ukraine



Broadcasting in areas devastated by military conflict requires a vulnerable heart and an ability to lift people up by helping them trust God.

“When I listen to you, I feel like God is touching my heart, healing me from the inside. I am only just now learning about Jesus; I began thinking about God ever since I lost my son in this conflict. What is life? Who am I, really? How come I never asked these important questions before?

“Your programs are helping me to heal, and are challenging me to think. And I know that only God can soften my pain – nothing else helps.”

– Anna from Bahmut, Ukraine



FEBC’s key audience in Russia is the unchurched: nominal Orthodox Christians, skeptics, atheists. Our mission is to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

“Just recently I discovered FEBC radio. I never thought I’d be listening to Christian radio every day!

“Apparently, Christianity is not as remote or as backward as I thought! Just the opposite is true: Christianity is about my everyday life, and how I should respond to God.

“I cannot even say that I am skeptical, even though I used to be extremely skeptical about religion, making fun of those who believe.

“I don’t know if it’s because I am over thirty now, or that your programs are so good, or something else, but you are now a part of my life!”

– Alexander from Moscow



Ukraine continues to go through a very difficult period in its short history as an independent country. Many people are discouraged, disillusioned and tired. Many of our new listeners in Ukraine are finding answers in Jesus Christ.

“I’ve listened to your programs for the past several months. As I am looking back, I see how much this regular Bible study has changed me. I used to be very political in my approach to life in our country. I still care about how we live together, but now in a different way. One cannot build something of value, basing it on hate.

“One of the changes that are real in my life is just that – I now try to support what’s just, what’s actually helping people. There is such great need for mercy and brotherly love in our country!

“As we are going through this cruel war and deal with corruption, I know that I want to do… something real, something that God would approve of.”

– Mihailo from Lviv, Ukraine

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