Talas: my hometown people

Talas is one of the spiritually darkest places in Kyrgyzstan. Historically, this is where the belief systems of Shamanism and Islam were interwoven. People here still worship the spirits of the deceased and sacrifice animals in so-called “holy” places. Officially, people accepted Islam some time ago as their religion, but their faith is more of a cultural recognition than a heart-felt spiritual commitment.

The famous mystical Kyrgyz fighter, Manas, was purported to come from Talas. People there are known as fighters, quite rebellious in nature, which they take pride in . In recent history, people from the Talas area have twice initiated country-wide revolutions, which led to a change in government in Kyrgyzstan. Personally, I grew up in Talas and lived there until my university studies in Bishkek. I know it very well. My mother and some of my relatives are still living there.

During my recent visit to Talas, I met with some old school friends. I shared FEBC’s goals to have an FM station there that shares godly family values and addresses topics like God’s peace and salvation. Some of my childhood friends were surprised to hear such things from me; they had a hard time believing it is possible to have such peace in your heart, with no abuse and cruelty. Two of the women later shared some of the domestic abuse they encounter in their own homes. Both are highly educated with university degrees and respected leadership positions. However, behind the closed doors of home, it is hell. I could see a real hunger in their eyes for the Good News of salvation. People need Jesus there more than anything. We hope that our radio station will introduce Christ to these people drowning in darkness. They need to hear the Good News, believe in Jesus as their Savior and Lord, and follow Him.

Our hope is that we will be on the air 24/7 in Talas soon; God willing, no later than by April 2018. We have already secured the frequency, and the transmitter is enroute, due to generous support from FEBCanada friends. Nevertheless, we will continue with our prayers for the hearts of the Talas people living in darkness, for the spiritual warfare in their hearts, believing that many will be saved through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also continue to pray that the few churches in the area will grow in numbers and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE We need $2,000 per month to run the Talas FM 89.8 station, about $65 per day. Any amount towards “FEBC-Kyrgyzstan Acc.#683” will be greatly appreciated.

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