Time to build: Kiev media evangelism center

Our ministry in Ukraine is growing. So far, we have launched five FEBC stations, as well as offering our programs through five independent stations. We are hoping to open at least two new stations in 2018. We are grateful to God – and to you – for empowering us to bring the Gospel to the people of Ukraine.

We broadcast in regions devastated by war and poverty in the eastern parts of Ukraine. People are desperate for hope there, struggling with fear, depression and loneliness. Maria was listening to FEBC in one of those towns, and she responded through her pain: “If God is so loving, why is there so much suffering? If God loves the world, where is His love for me? Am I forgotten by Him?” She continued: “The lady who was asking these questions was talking about her own pain, and I knew it was real. As I was listening and crying, feeling sorry for myself, I felt that God was there; He was near.”

This is exactly what we mean when we say that FEBC’s motto is being close to the listener. Our broadcasters are going through the same problems our listeners are experiencing. And as they share the love of God from their perspective, listeners feel that He is near.

Hundreds of thousands of listeners are currently tuned into FEBC in Ukraine. We are praying and planning for millions. And part of that strategy to increase our reach is to create a powerful evangelism center in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Many of you have contributed to this project, and we are grateful and encouraged.

But we still need your help, friends. In order to use new media effectively throughout the country, we need to create an evangelism center here in the capital, with studio space for broadcasting, a conference room that allows us to meet with local leaders and office space for staff.

2018 is the year of presidential elections in Russia, and that means more control and scrutiny. As part of our strategic plan, we want to establish a strong presence in Ukraine and that will be best accomplished through this broadcast center in Kiev. We are there already, but limited by the very small space we currently occupy. With an expanded Kiev Media Evangelism Center, we can grow the work of sharing the Gospel throughout Ukraine.

Our main goal is to make sure that millions of Ukrainians and Russians discover that God loves them, cares for them, and died on the cross for their sins. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission.

In Christ,

Victor P. Akhterov
FEBC Russia & Ukraine

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