Our listeners respond


Lilia, 35, is listening in Belgorod, Russia.

“I am listening to your programs about relationships and family issues. Very few people are talking about these issues, and that’s why your programs are so valuable to me. As you counsel people, you always help them improve or rebuild their marriage. I like it. Maybe you do it because you come from a Christian perspective. I was never religious, but I began listening to you in February, and in March I began reading the Bible, because you talk about it all the time. What a powerful book! Thank you!”

Very few Russians read the Bible. Less than 50% of Russians know why Easter is celebrated. FEBC is helping hundreds of thousands of Russian people read and understand God’s Word.



Vika, 38, lives in St. Petersburg, “the cultural capital” of Russia.

“I was raised by a single mom, and was always unsure of myself, always struggled with the meaning of life, and who I am. In a short period of time, my mom died, and my husband left me. I became depressed and lost my job as a result. One night I was looking for something interesting online and I found your broadcasts. You were answering all my questions, addressing all my issues! I listened every day, and hope and faith began filling my life. I am now looking for a job. I am smiling a lot these days, I am praying daily, and last Sunday I visited a church, for the first time in my life. Thank you!”

Depression is a growing problem in Russia. FEBC broadcasters address the root causes of depression, inspiring people to follow Jesus Christ and to join a local fellowship of believers.



Victor, 39, lives in Valuiki

“I was successful: making money, taking care of my health, building my family. And then the doctors told me that I had skin cancer. My wife left me a month later. I never believed in God before, but now I was angry with Him for letting me suffer like this. It was then, in the hospital bed, that I began listening to you. Thank you for reaching out to me personally as well. I was really going to end my life, but then you shook me and gave me hope. My doctor observed improvements in my condition and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I listen to Christian radio. Now he is one of your listeners, too.” 

FEBC’s Evgeny Sarapulov worked with Victor personally, helping him see that God is real. Now Victor  wants to have a relationship with Him.


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