Unprecedented openness: COVID-19 and the new openness for the Gospel

Our broadcasters today are busier than ever before. Listeners are crying out for help, and we are there to provide hope and share the love of Jesus.

“I survived the coronavirus, and I must tell you that I survived because of your programs,” wrote one listener. “FEBC was my only source of hope.” That’s one of the many encouraging responses we receive. For each one like this one, many more are cries of desperation: 

“I lost my job and have a fever. I am afraid to step out of my apartment or go to the hospital. What do I do?” 

“I never realized that I was so afraid to die... is that even normal? I am praying with you every day now.”

“My kids are scared - what do I tell them?”

Those are the kinds of responses that we receive by the hundreds every day.

In response, we increased the number of programs that provide hope and spiritual support and we opened a new online and on-the-air prayer program. Thousands are responding. 

Hundreds have accepted Christ!

God is opening doors during this time of pandemic. People are open to spiritual help.

We are grateful for your prayers and financial support.

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