Projects, news, and prayer needs


During the Christmas season, we will have a series of programs for children, and a separate one for adults. We are also producing a series of short videos that will explain the meaning of Christmas in a popular way. Pray that these projects will be a success.



Most of the programs that we broadcast also have a video version. These video feeds are broadcast over different online platforms. Some programs are simultaneously broadcast on seven different platforms. We need additional video equipment to make these broadcasts more effective. There are millions of people watching them every month. The additional cost is $3,750.



Please pray for our programmers: Oleg, Natalia, Olga, Alexey, and Igor. They suffer from illnesses, some very serious, even life-threatening. Pray for God’s mercy and healing.

Also, please pray for the children of our broadcasters and leaders. Needs vary – from health and behavioral issues, to choices in educational and spiritual direction. Humbly and sincerely we are asking for prayer covering.



As we are doing more after-program counseling, we see more results, more conversions, and more cases where listeners are connected with Christ-centered churches.

At the same time, we are learning to deal with burnout and other issues that counselors face. Please pray that we’ll be able to provide adequate support for these ministers.

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