Profiles: Evgeny Kalinin. Programmer. Video producer.

“My dad was a sailor, maybe that’s why my first program at FEBC was called ‘Submarine’ - we talked with teens about their life, and their need for Jesus,” said Evgeny.

As a young person, Evgeny began studying law, then marketing, then theology, never completing any of these programs. Then he began telling stories through video, and decided to become a film director.

“FEBC actually helped me to complete my education, because I wanted to use my new skills to tell the stories that will bring people to faith,” said Evgeny. “Today, I am doing just that, and I am immensely grateful to God for this opportunity.”

From the day Evgeny began his ministry to street kids in one of Russia’s southern cities till now, when he and his wife Olga are raising their own son, Fyodor, Evgeny wanted to see a deep, real change in people’s hearts. And God is granting him this joy.

P.S. And yes, you guessed right, Evgeny loves Fyodor Dostoevsky.

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