Our listeners respond

It is a great blessing for us to see the Holy Spirit performing His work in the lives of our listeners as they respond to God’s call. Orphans are being adopted. People are receiving answers to prayers. Lives are being saved. Here are some of those stories:

Elena and her husband had been volunteering in an orphanage but were hesitant to take the step of adoption. After listening to FEBC for a while and talking to the host of our program on adoption, they felt confident enough to try fostering. Soon the adoption papers were being filed!

“We could have spent our whole lives being afraid to take the next step. Your advice, your attitude, and your prayers really did wonders. We’re parents now thanks to you!”

Olga from Happiness, Ukraine called to say:

“I wanted to tell you how God answered our prayers! We lived in the rebel-occupied zone in eastern Ukraine in a cramped apartment. We were surrounded by gunfire, and on top of all that, I became pregnant at 43! Frightened, I called you and you prayed for me. God turned everything around! My family moved to a city called Happiness, where my husband was offered a job—Happiness, can you believe it? We are no longer surrounded by constant gunfire, though we can still hear it in the distance. I gave birth to a healthy baby, and I am now back to work. All glory to God!

“Luckily, your signal reaches us in Happiness, so we can continue to listen to the program!”

A young girl named Dasha called to tell our counselors that she listened to our children’s program about God. “I really liked that show. I started reading my Bible!” The counselor talked with her about the Bible and told her about the love of God and Jesus. That day Dasha prayed for the first time and accepted Jesus.

Georgiy, 57, called from Nizhniy Tagil, Russia. This is the Ural Mountains area of the country.

“You saved my life, friends. I was ready to commit suicide after my wife left me. I was about to crash my car into a mountain rock, but I slammed on my brakes at the last moment and came to a stop a few feet from the rock.

“As I took out my phone with shaking hands, I accidentally opened my social media account. There was your broadcast! I sat and watched it for two hours and, as I watched, I realized that I wanted to live. I started to comment on the broadcast and some people even prayed with me. Nothing can compare to the feeling when someone prays to God for you.

“After I explained what had happened, the host told me that if there was no one around to help, no friends or family, that he and the other listeners would be my support group.

“I have been watching these broadcasts every day. You have kept me alive.”

Georgiy has been listening to FEBC programs for a month now. He is full of hope. He is beginning to pray, but is yet to commit his life to Christ. Please support Georgiy and thousands of listeners like him by your prayers.

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