New projects and prayer needs

Engaging the Ukrainian Church in Online Evangelism

During the COVID-19 crisis, many churches have started to experiment with online ministries and discovered that they are lacking expertise on two levels: technological and cultural. Many came to FEBC-Ukraine for help.

We are responding by creating an unprecedented program to help train volunteers in 150 churches throughout Ukraine. They will be trained in being effective evangelists in the digital age.

Using our extensive experience, we will help Christ-centered churches by: 

- Training their volunteers, teaching them how to use online tools to effectively reach their neighbors.

- Providing training to church leaders and volunteers on how to talk to non-Christians online and how to lead them to come to their churches. Most Christians do not know how to share their faith effectively in this new environment.

- Creating multiple tools, such as evangelistic videos, surveys, radio programs, questionnaires, etc., that will be adaptable for individual church use.

Through this project, we will help evangelical churches reach more than 1 million of their neighbors. Please pray for the success of this project. 

Effective Follow-Up Tools

One result of COVID-19 is the fact that many people are now more comfortable talking to others online – from students and teachers to office workers and grandmas.

We are using this trend to intensify our one-on-one online counseling. Dozens are being helped in Russia, Belarus, and Moldova every day. Some find it easier to write, others prefer online group meetings such as webinars, still others want to use videoconferencing. We use all these tools to tell people that Jesus loves them.

In the meantime, in Ukraine, we are using a phone helpline that we advertise on the air and online. Last month 81 people accepted Christ as our counselors were helping them solve their problems. This is a new ministry and it is growing.

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