New Station in Osh, Kyrgyzstan!

By Ulanbek

Since the beginning of our ministry in Kyrgyzstan in 2012, we’ve dreamed of developing a network of at least 6 FM stations throughout the country by 2020. On Christmas just a few weeks ago we obtained our 6th FM frequency for Osh, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan in the south. Praise God! We hope to have the Osh station up and running by late spring or summer 2020.

With our network of 6 FM stations, we will be able to reach about 2/3 of the entire population of Kyrgyz­stan with FM radio. Our broadcasts are also available on the internet and on social media for the smaller towns and villages scattered throughout the mountains.

The city of Osh is found in the very fruitful Fergana valley, with more than a million people in Kyrgyz­stan alone. There are even more Uzbek people in the neighboring Uzbekistan, who could also benefit from our FM station, especially from the Russian programs we have on our schedule.

The entire area is a hub of narcotics trafficked from Afghanistan.

Polygamy, abuse of women, occult activity, and other criminal behaviors seem to be the norm here. We know that the Gospel of our Savior Jesus can bring healing and salvation for many.

Our FM radio station can be a great source of healing and salvation. The broadcast center for Osh, where our transmitter and antenna will be located, will make it possible to reach more than a million potential listeners, living in about 80 towns and villages.

We get the most encouraging responses from our listeners. Here is just one listener story my co-worker told me. He was taking a taxi in Bishkek, and the taxi driver was listening to my live talk-show called “Nazar” (View). My co-worker asked him what he was listening to and the driver, Tashtan, shared his story:

“This radio station has turned my entire life around. About 10 years ago my father passed away. My older brother and I got into a fight about the inheritance, and I was so angry at him that I hadn’t spoken to him in years.

“Only a year ago I came across your radio station. There was a broadcast on forgiveness. I was convinced that I needed to forgive my brother in order to be at peace with God, so I overcame my pride and visited him. That was the beginning of a major change in my spiritual life…”

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