Listener story


“I cried out to my Father, and He heard me.”

Kristina grew up in Russia. A confident woman, well educated, she decided to make a lot of money. She worked in China and the Arab Emirates. She always felt, however, that there was something important missing in her life, and she moved to India to seek enlightenment.

As a result, she began experiencing periods of depression that lasted longer and longer. And then the panic attacks began.

Kristina was desperate, not knowing where to turn for help. Her old friend, who lives in Moscow, listens to Eugene Sarapulov’s program, and she told Kristina that this is exactly what she needs.

Kristina began listening to Eugene’s daily program, and soon reached out to him, asking for help. At their third online conversation, Eugene said, “Why don’t you talk to God as a Father?” That evening, she did.

“I never felt anything like that in my life,” she shared. “I broke down in tears, sharing my heart with God. I haven’t cried in years. Realizing that I am not alone on this earth and that He actually hears my cries changed my entire life.”

Kristina became Eugene’s regular listener. She prays every day. She is now working in Pakistan.

“I cannot wait for my vacation. I used to travel to exotic vacation spots, but this time I am coming back to Moscow, to attend church, and worship God with other believers.”

Please pray for Kristina and millions of people who listen to Dr. Eugene Sarapulov. Last month alone, listeners tuned into his program more that 4 million times. So many lives are being touched by his program.

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