Close to the Listener:  Meeting listeners within their subculture

by Victor P. Akhterov

Russia has more than one hundred different languages and even more cultural groups that we are trying to reach.

In my own heritage, for example, there are connections to the Chuvash people – they live in central Russia. There are also Tatars, who are culturally Muslim, Chechens who are devoutly Muslim, and Buryats, who follow shamanism and Buddhism.

In 2020 we are working with renewed focus on reaching some of these groups.

We are particularly focused on two groups: Buryat people and cultural Muslims that live throughout Russia – there are more than 20 million of them.

We have people working in Ulan-Ude, the capital city of the Buryat republic. We’ll be recording a series of new programs interviewing Buryat Christians.

We’ll be also recording programs for cultural Muslims in several undisclosed locations because we have received threats from radicals before.

We ask for your prayer support for these initiatives.   


Dr. Victor P. Akhterov
is leading FEBC’s ministry
in Russia & Ukraine

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